7 Weeks in ...

... and still not following the WHO guidelines. But what does the WHO know, eh? It takes an astonishing level of arrogance to ignore the WHO and at the same time to claim to follow the best scientific advice. But then, this is the guy who gave us the £350m red bus. »


Why Testing Matters

As I noted yesterday morning, testing is at the heart of the WHO procedures for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is rather disappointing that both the UK and Scottish Governments are still choosing to ignore this. We are already reaping the consequences of this, and it will rapidly snowball. »


Governed by Misfits and Weirdos

If, like me, you were were curious what to expect from a government seeking to employ misfits and weirdos, the wait is over. It means nothing more than ignoring prevailing scientific opinion when formulating government policy. »


Updated Photies Site

I finally revamped my photos site. I have meant to do this for over a year now, but didn't get to it until now. The biggest change is no more SmugMug. »


Scotland the Invisible

All in all 2019 wasn’t a bad year by any means, but nevertheless, for a variety of reasons I needn’t to bore you with, it sticks in mind as a year of journeys unrealised and photographs untaken, of unfinished business and, not least, a year of blogs unpublished. Free time was harder to find, and even harder to set aside.

As such I was reluctant to waste my life on long car journeys, and much of my time outdoors was spent exploring what I call ‘The Invisible Places’: »

The Cheery World of B&W

My current interest in black and white photography goes back to a three night wild camping trip in my favourite part of the world a couple of years ago. I had planned it for some time, with one particular image in mind, but alas, happened to run into an early heatwave, with all that it brings -- largely cloudless skies, haze that even a polarizer can't do much about, thunder, and rapidly forming, all encompassing, evening inversions. »

The Camera Needn’t Lie

The question of the role and the importance of realism in landscape photography is one that keeps coming up over and over again. On the one hand we have the purists, holding onto old fashioned notions of truth, arguing that landscapes should be true to the land; on the other the free creatives, raising that millennia old question ‘What is Truth?’. And, broadly speaking, the former seem to have long lost the argument. »

The Fitzroys

My shoulder hurts from the seatbelt, plumes of steam bellowing from underneath the bonnet; I am sure I can smell petrol. Shaking fingers fumbling with the buckle. The driver side door won’t budge. Scrambling out over the gear stick. I put some distance between myself and the car, expecting it to burst into flames any moment. »

North Coast 500 — An Alternative View

The NC500 is a travesty. The idea of car touring holidays harkens back to the environmental ignorance of mid 20th century and is wholly unfit for these days of an unfolding environmental catastrophe. VisitScotland, the Scottish Government, and all those who lend their name to promoting this anachronism, should be ashamed of themselves. »

Let It Burn

A flame stretching up to heaven. The newsrooms can’t get enough, a journalist’s dream come true. You, me, everyone, glued to our screens, riveting stuff. (Honey, make us some popcorn, will you?) »