Reaping the Herd Immunity Strategy Costs

With BoJo out of critical care, and yesterday’s UK COVID-19 deaths just shy of a 1000, the highest ever recorded in Europe, it’s time to ask the PM ‘how’s the herd immunity working for ya?’ For as Marina Hyde noted, the people dying today were most likely infected in that critical time when BoJo and co. were telling us this was nothing serious to worry about.

More disconcertingly, Herd Immunity remains the Government’s strategy, the only thing that has really changed is that the ‘herd immunity’ designation is not verbalised, but that’s all. The press really need to pull their collective finger out and start doing their job of holding the politicians accountable, instead of endless speculating about how many more weeks of lockdown there might be ...

(The answer to that one is quite simple: unless the Government starts mass testing, contact tracing and targeted isolating, the lockdown will have to last until the nation has been vaccinated, for that’s the only way to achieve herd immunity without deaths in six figures. So that would in the order of years, not weeks.)