England’s Favourite Ned*

... did nothing wrong. Of course not. They never do, do they? No matter the vandalism, the destruction in their wake, the trail of buckie shards left behind, someone else is to blame.

Personally, I am not sure whether I am more concerned that our collective fate lies in the hands of someone who at the first whiff of trouble runs to mummy and daddy, or someone who thinks driving 30 miles is an appropriate way to ascertain he is fit to drive.

But more importantly, if we learnt anything at all from this episode, it’s that the Government’s Herd Immunity strategy really was nothing other than a cavalier disregard for the lives of other (ordinary) people. For politicians who wish to pursue a Coventry strategy in the name of the greater good cannot shrink away from paying a personal price for that greater good. And one thing is sure, this lot doesn’t have the moral backbone, if they have any backbone at all.

Of course, England got the Prime Minister it wanted, and Dom was always part of that package. As for the rest of us ... dog shite someone else’s shoes treaded into the house.

[*] I think down south they call them chavs.