Onwards and Upwards

It’s been an odd year, to say the least. A year that brought out a pinch of community spirit in all of us, and alongside it a large doze of selfishness. »

The Unsustainable Outdoors

COVID has, so I hear, brought new levels of antisocial behaviour into the Outdoors: stories about irresponsible campers seem to appear daily in the news, and a petition asking for curbing of rights to camp has been lodged with the Scottish Parliament. »

Care for the Elderly

How many phone calls does it take to organise a COVID-19 test for a ninety+ year old who needs an emergency admission to a care home? »


'If You Elect a Clown ...

... expect a circus.'

Chessington World of Adventures by Beans on Toast, as good a summary of the UK situation as you will find (and some great photos by Pitlad). »


The Five Miles

There has been much hoohaa in recent days over people breaking the recommendation not to travel further than five miles for their recreation. But while the images of weekend scenes at Balmaha and Arrochar are quite ridiculous, the politicians need to get of their high horses and lose that self righteous indignation, for the real problem is not with us people. »


England’s Favourite Ned*

... did nothing wrong. Of course not. They never do, do they? No matter the vandalism, the destruction in their wake, the trail of buckie shards left behind, someone else is to blame. »


Stay Alert!

Take a comfortable lockdown seat, stick some popcorn into the microwave and watch: Remember the overweight BoJo stuck on a zip wire waving the Union Jack? You’ve seen nothing yet, England and her Tories are about to find out the true cost of putting an inept clown in charge. »


Netflix and Chill

At the top of this week’s Netflix ‘for you’ list came the star studded 1995 classic Outbreak. I cringed a bit, but watched it in the end, being the lockdown and all that, and I am glad I did, for I finally understand where the UK Government got its COVID-19 strategy from! This Hollywood disaster cliche has it all: the politicians’ cavalier attitude to loss of life, the war imagery, the pseudoscience, the vaccine produced in days, the triumphal ending. »


A Grownup Conversation?

This week’s attempt of the Scottish Government to start a grown up conversation on how we deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is most welcome, to the extent to which it goes, which is not far enough. »


Reaping the Herd Immunity Strategy Costs

With BoJo out of critical care, and yesterday’s UK COVID-19 deaths just shy of a 1000, the highest ever recorded in Europe, it’s time to ask the PM ‘how’s the herd immunity working for ya?’ For as Marina Hyde noted, the people dying today were most likely infected in that critical time when BoJo and co. were telling us this was nothing serious to worry about. »